Place Diagram the channel system used by your firm to get your product to market. Indicate which levels (wholesale, retail, etc.) of that system are owned and which are outsourced. Identify areas where horizontal and vertical channel conflicts may manifest. What mechanisms and controls can the company use to manage channel conflicts? Critique the channel structure taking into account its level of intensity and fit for the stage in the Product Life Cycle, competitive positioning strategy, and your target market. Make recommendations for change if needed and record it in your marketing mix worksheet as part of your marketing plan. Promotion Mix The promotion mix is a detailed view of all the promotional vehicles required to implement the marketing plan. This section requires coordination of all the promotional tools (integrated marketing communications) and detailed documentation is essential! Based on the strategy and positioning, what would be the appropriate promotion mix to engage your target market? Propose elements of the integrated marketing communications (IMC) mix your product/brand should employ. Include visual images and examples if possible. Identify if all levels of AIDA is supported by elements of the IMC for the target market and positioning. Does the current promotion mix support the complete AIDA model from awareness to action? If not, what would you recommend to fill the void for the marketing plan? Final Paper The marketing plan will not be in memo format and instead will be formatted as a final product to be delivered to an executive: There must be a cover sheet that includes the title of the plan and the names of all team members. It is essential to extract the executive summaries from each of the individual papers to create a comprehensive Executive Summary section that will precede all other document elements EXCEPT the cover sheet. A table of content is recommended but not required. A list of citations referenced by the paper needs to be included at the end of the paper BEFORE appendices. All Appendices need to be consolidated at the END of the document with the proper enumeration as well as referencing within the document. Pay special attention to formatting, headers, and use of bullets to make your document accessible. Executives rarely have a lot of time to read 20-30 pages of dense text. Post as PDF. The following provides a general order of all the elements of the plan: Cover Sheet Executive Summary Table of Content Strategic Assessment Segmentation Targeting & Positioning Marketing Mix Citations Appendices

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