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Project Case: Should they go on strike?

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The Situation It is time to negotiate a new contract with some of Lightning Wholesale’s unionized employees. The company believes in dealing fairly with its employees. Based on the current economic environment, cost of living increases, and the financial health of the organization, management feels that the best it can offer is a 3% wage increase. From its own analysis, the union believes that the company is holding out and that a 5.5% wage increase is more than possible. Unfortunately, negotiations have broken down, and the union has turned to its employee group seeking strike action. The union is certain of achieving its wage increase through the strike action, though it advises the employees that they may need to go on strike for three months to achieve the goal. The employees are trying to figure out their best course of action—should they vote to go on strike or not?

The Data

• The typical an employee in the unionized group currently earns $48,000 per year, which is paid out at the end of every month equally.

• Six employees have five years until retirement.

• Eight employees have 10 years until retirement.

• Nine employees have 15 years until retirement.

• Seven employees have 20 years until retirement.

Important Information

• During the three months that employees would be on strike, employees receive no wages from Lightning Wholesale.

• The time value of money is unknown, but employees have three annually compounded estimates of 6%, 5% and 4%.

• Assume employees make their strike vote according to their best financial outcome.

• The decision to go on strike is determined by the majority vote.

• No future wage increases

Please show your work in order to earn part marks