The requirements of the assignment:
1. You have to choose one of the following topics to write about 1500 words on it.:
1- Banning gambling.
2- Banning tobacco
3- Prescribe food labeling which includes a star scale.
The issues paper should :
* Construct (frame) the issue as a problem.
* Provide an analysis that proposes a variety of options for addressing the problem presented.
To be successful in this assignment you need to :
* Select one of the prescribed issues.
* Present the “ essence” of the problem (ie describe the problem in such a way that it is amenable to policy action )
* Provide options for addressing the problem.
To achieve this you will need to :
* Research your chosen issue. Read widely . and look for relevant policy research on your chosen issue. Relevant policy research might include consideration of :
* Solutions from other jurisdictions
* Analysis of implementation issues
* Economic considerations
* Social impact or cost-benefit analyses
* Exploration of rights conflicts or conflicts in values
* Political concerns and conflicts raised by your chosen issue.

Policy Analysis: Frameworks, Approaches and Valu

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