How Pornograpghy Negatively Affects Intimate Relationships

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Step 1: Select your topic. This should be a topic of interest to you that is related to human sexuality. For the critical reflections, the argument paper should begin with a one- to three-sentence statement of the main thesis. A thesis is an argument concerning an issue. It clearly states the author’s perception and position on the issue. Please choose one or two sentence direct quotations from the readings or supporting resources that make your position on the issue clear. The quotation(s) should reference, in a relevant, meaningful way, the issues, idea or concept that you will reflect about and argue in support of that, in the end, you hope all learners will come to think about as a deeply important truth or lesson of this class. To make it easier for you to reflect meaningfully on the topic, the quotation should be relevant to a topic that you can tie directly to your own (or others’) experiences, observations, and critical reasoning. It should also be something you are willing to think critically about. Step 2: Write your reflection. Your paper should present your beliefs or conclusions related to the topic, and they should be supported with the peer reviewed literature. It should include references from the text “The Psychology of Human Sexuality” By Justin J. Miller and material from other peer reviewed sources. Then, share your position on the issue in about 700 to 800 words (in meaningful, well organized paragraphs) that defend your beliefs. Essentially, your job is to clarify just what the lesson to be learned is and then to strongly (and thoughtfully) defend why you think the lesson is vital.

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