Robinhood company

Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the selected and approved company.


Must include (Company Name,  Course Title and Semester, Date, and Your Name)

Introduction on the company (overview), what does the company do, what product or service does it offer, and where is it located (headquarters)

Who are its main competitors (list all competitors)?

What is the market structure (e.g. pure competition, monopoly, oligopoly, etc.)?

How is it regulated?

What they got wrong analysis detailing a strategy mistake using the course concepts

What they got right analysis detailing a strategy win using the course concepts

 The Presentation must be organized in the following way:

Title Slide

Concise with sections clearly defined

10-12 slide minimum (title, conclusion, reference, and question/answer)

At minimum 10 minutes in length

All slides must have speaker notes

PPT Presentation Robinhood