Preliminary Literature to Support Need and Population For your capstone project, you will design a comprehensive intervention plan to solve a need for a selected population to demonstrate your program outcomes. For this discussion, take some time to think about potential target populations and needs you could address, as well as to begin searching the literature for evidence that could help support your analysis and decision about an appropriate target population and setting. This discussion will contain two parts. Please address the following in your initial response (it should be a minimum of 250 words): Part 1: Need and Population Brainstorm As you look over your previous coursework and work in the field, is there a population that you focused on? ****My capstone will be on the impact of nurse leadership styles that influence staff retention/turnover in the long term care setting If not, what population or culture do you feel has a need? Could you create an intervention plan for that population? Why are you interested in that population? What is their need? Is this a need across the population, or just within a specific setting? Describe your practicum experience and your preceptor. How will this site support your goals and objectives? Part 2: Preliminary Literature Review Complete a preliminary literature review related to the need and population you identified in Part 1. Review three pieces of literature that support your identified need and population, and provide a brief description and analysis of each.


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