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Prepare a report (in presentation slides) which explains the performance of a company from the list in Tadawul. Your task is to convince an investor to buy shares in Tadawul. The investor is seeking advice from you:

Why should he/she buy the shares of (the name of the company of your choice)?

Some guides but not a strict procedure:

Choose a company in Tadawul (any company regardless of its performance in the share market).

Create slides for

– Company profile – management, main business etc

– Performance over the last 5-10 years

– The company’s future directions

– Your recommendation whether its shares are a good buy, is it for short term or long term investment etc.

Use as much graphical representation available on the Tadawul website. In the company’s future direction, you can include how long the company will need to recover from the economic situation due to COVID19.

You can recommend to buy or not to buy or to hold buying until a certain period (this will depend on how the performance over the last 5 years and future direction of the company as well as the competitors within similar industries).

Requirements: 25 slide   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTSfinancial_report_2016_tcm1010_7200__1_.pdffr_2015_en_tcm1010_7199__1_.pdfsabic_2018_consolidated_financial_statements__signed_english__12.03.2019_tcm1010_17554.pdfsabic_2019_consolidated_financial_statements_english__signed__internal_tcm1010_22006.pdfsabic_2017_consolida


Prepare a report (in presentation slides) which explains the performance of a company
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