This assignment fulfills the following course objective: 1. Integrate nursing leadership concepts and theories into the various roles of the professional registered nurse to promote safe and high quality nursing care. 3. Construct a plan to implement and evaluate evidenced-based quality improvement projects that are designed to improve patient care outcomes. 4. Examine how business principles are used to effectively manage patient care needs in complex and diverse healthcare environments. 5. Disseminate findings from evidence-based quality improvement projects to the interprofessional team, to facilitate change in nursing practice. Utilizing leadership concepts and theories relevant to nursing leadership, you will continue to develop the quality improvement project that was started in NURS 410. The plan will be submitted in 3 parts: In NURS 410, you developed the first part of a Quality Improvement Intervention/Proposal to address an identified patient care need. For part this paper, Quality Improvement Intervention/Proposal, Part 2 – you will develop an evidence-based implementation and evaluation plan for your identified patient care issue. – Utilizing the research that you conducted in NURS 410, you will develop an implementation and evaluation plan for your identified patient care need. – The research findings should come from peer-reviewed scientific journals. – Please note: You are required to submit the paper that you wrote in NURS 410 – Quality Improvement Intervention/Proposal Part 1 along with the submission of this paper. Outline Introduction – Identifies problem that needs to be addressed, (summary of issue identified from meeting with nurse leader in NURS 410). – Explain why an intervention is needed for this problem Literature Review Summary – Findings from the literature review are summarized (summary of literature review from NURS 410) – Findings are related to the proposed intervention – Uses seven or more scientific journal articles Intervention Plan – States proposed intervention plan (based on findings from the literature) – Outlines timeline for implementation of plan – Outlines responsibilities for implementation and feedback – Apply a relevant nursing leadership theory/concept to be utilized in order to implement plan – Outline how responsibilities for implementation and feedback will be addressed. Stakeholders – Identifies the stakeholders needed to implement the plan including their roles – Addresses the management structure/process issues – State how the identified nursing theory would be utilized when interacting with the stakeholders Resources Needed to Implement Plan – Identifies the resources needed to implement the plan – If resources are not available, makes recommendations for needed resources – Outlines the budgetary needs, including type of budget, to implement plan Evaluation Plan – Describe a clear and concise method of monitoring the outcomes of the quality improvement plan (based on findings from the literature). – Identify a clear and ongoing reassessment strategy – State how the identified nursing leadership theory/concept will be utilized in developing a reevaluation plan with the stakeholders – Outline a timeline for reevaluation of the plan. Summary/Conclusion – Restate the patient care issue, including summary statement about the findings from the literature – Summarizes the proposed intervention, role of the stakeholders, recommendations for reevaluation and ongoing assessment strategies. – States nursing theory/concept to be utilized to implement and evaluate the plan – Makes future recommendations. Your Final Paper should be between 14-20 pages (not including cover page and references)


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