Having a theoretical orientation as a counselor is important in working with clients in social work career. Theoretical orientation helps us as a social worker to attend to different challenges facing the clients and deal with family problems, behaviors and emotions. As a novice student, having a theoretical framework serve as a “road map.” The purpose of this paper is to explain the important of having a theoretical framework and its important when dealing with families, individuals and treatment groups. This paper is divided into three parts and sub parts. The first part is developing theoretical orientation to assist helping social worker in the process of finding a theoretical orientation agreement with their own personal values. The second part is exploring your theoretical orientation which is the basic guiding principles in organizing a treatment and applying theories, (with sub-parts). The third part is integrating your theoretical orientation which deals with preparing students for practicum and internship by providing a framework for the assessment, intervention and treatment of client. This paper will focus on mainly the three part when developing a personal theoretical orientation, which is important for professional development in social work profession.


professional practice in psychology
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