In this step, you should continue to explore the scenarios within SIMTRAY, “Cyber Policy for a Small World.” If you have not already, you will most likely encounter the following topics in this exercise: EMP Attack, the role of state actors, and attacks using technologies such as botnets.
Document events that you experience in the exercise that might affect the global cybersecurity policy. Think about threats brought about by new technologies and how these threats are or could be handled by global policy.
The SIMTRAY will provide you with scores to give you a sense on how well you are grasping the concepts. The sections are timed for 30 minutes; however, you can run the SIMTRAY as many times as you need in order to have a firm grasp of the concepts. Compile your recorded scores, lessons learned and documented technologies and policies into a one-page report.

Project 6: Global Approaches To Cybersecurity Step 3: Project Practice – SIMTRAY Cyber Policy For A Small World: Day 3