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Create a Project Schedule and Budget as part of project plan and

Develop a realistic project schedule taking in account non-workdays and holidays and a realistic budget (including foreign countries if applicable). Conduct research and use selected industry salaries, wages, and costs, etc and explain the scheduling and budgeting approach selected as well. Create the schedule and budget in MS Project or MS Excel and transfer to the MS Word document. The MS Project /MS Excel file will be turned in with the MS Word document. Format the paper (in MS Word) according to APA in terms of citations and references.

Note: Attached is the project charter draft, you can make changes to Charter if it has anything missing for scheduling and budgeting.

Attached the textbook zip file for reference as well.

Requirements: Excel and word (both formats)ATTACHMENTSproject_charter_draft.xlsxproject_managemen


Project Budget and Schedule
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