Title Page • Statement of Original Work • Abstract • Table of Contents • Chapters 1-2 (Chapter 2 should be an exhaustive literature review with an embedded theoretical framework and refined RQs). These are the research questions…. 1. What is the lived experience of staff who place children in Foster Care? 2. What do staff report as challenges they face in placing a child in a new environment with a different culture or ethnicity? 3. What is staff consideration in the decision making related to individual placement needs? A meaning question/ advise from the experience question is needed for the last question to make 4. Chapter 1 & 2 needs to be re-written due to the change of research questions, which has caused for changes to be made with the title, chapter 1 and chapter 2.  There is information that you will find that are still useful. Some of the Chapter 2 literature reviews can still remain the same, but there needs to be less articles about kinship care. Chapter two should have 30 pages. 

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