This prospectus will eventually become the intro & literature review of a research proposal. It has to be a research topic set up (why is this an important topic), an actual research question with details, a treatment of relevant literature on the given topic, a discussion of the methods used to answer the question, and a discussion of how this work makes a contribution to the field.Your main task is to create a solid research question, with an argument that justifies the importance of conducting the research.*There must be bullet points of hypothesis related to the research proposal. The research proposal is: Is the achievement gap(SAT scores) that exists between blacks and whites, still exists if you take the scores of blacks(born,educated in the North) and compare them to whites(born, educated in the deep South). There are 4 variables: first is the whites born, educated in the North at the very top; 2nd group is the blacks(born,educated in the South) at the bottom; and in the middle is the research proposal of the blacks from the north and the whites from the south to determine if their’s an achievement gap and if so what is it? From this you have to create an independent variable(possibly race) & a dependent variable(possibly SAT scores or GPA), a mediating variable(possibly education), a moderating variable(possibly Region-North vs South). This assignment is only the first part. Part 2 will be about a survey, part 3 will be an analytic strategy, part 4 will be a qualitative interview, all forthcoming.

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