Written reflection 500 words

  • be familiar with the categories and skills listed on the observation checklist
  • briefly introduce the interview by describing your modality (my modality is naturopathy)

as well as the clients presenting issue (the clients issue was not getting enough sleep waking up in the middle of the night. She is married with a child and studies full time. Goes to sleep late because comes home from collage late and by the time she cleans up and goes to bed its late. We spoke about a sleeping plan that was to drink warm glass of milk and to have a warm shower before bed also to speak with her husband to help out more on the days she was at collage like clean up and bath the child so that when she arrives home she could go straight to sleep. Also spoke about maybe not studying full time to chance to part time so its not to much on her plate)

  • discuss both how the session progressed and your use of counselling microskills paying attention to:
  • what you did and on how well you think it went (I was very nervous and went blank a few times but think I did well being the first time)
  • what skills you were able to use and how effective your use of these was
  • what areas you are good at (I believe I was very good when it came to listening and not talking over the client)
  • what areas and skills you need to work on and improve
  • conclude with discussion of how you can apply what you have learnt from this interview demonstrating I your work as a practitioner in naturopathy

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