Your responses should NOT simply be an answer to each of the points just listed. Rather 1. Rather What were the author(s) main points in establishing a rationale for the study they conducted? What evidence was discussed from prior studies? What theories were provided to explain those prior results or to justify their predictions? 2. What variables were studied? How were these variables operationally defined? 3. What method did the researchers utilize (experiment, survey, observation, case study)? 4. What were the hypotheses concerning these variables? (state both the null and the alternative hypothesis if your study is an experiment). 5. Who were the participants in this study? Were there any special participant characteristics? 6. What was the Independent/Predictor Variable (IV/PV) and what was the Dependent/Outcome Variable (DV/OV)? 7. What were the procedures used to gather the data and test the hypotheses? 8. What were the major results of the study? 9. Were the results consistent with the hypotheses, theories, and other studies cited in the introduction? 10. How did the researcher interpret the results? Can you think of any alternative interpretations? 11. What suggestions did the author(s) provide for future research or applications of the results? 12. Now provide a summary of these details that captures the main points of the study succinctly (i.e., in 2-6 sentences).

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