Take any modern psychological issue (e.g., psychotherapy vs. medication in treatment of mental illness) and look at it from the perspective of two theorists (mentioned below) The goal of this assignment is to learn about different sides of an argument from the perspectives of different theories or theorists, and then to apply that knowledge to a pertinent topic in psychology today. You may write your paper as an actual debate, or simply write a traditional paper comparing and contrasting the different perspectives. The main goal is to be able to take knowledge learned in this course and to apply it to some more recent idea or issue. Remember to make your topic and your debate as specific as possible since this is only a 5-page paper. Feel free to choose any two theorists or theories mentioned below. Just a few examples may be: Freud vs. Skinner on the causes and treatments of addiction Skinner vs. Rogers or any humanistic theorist on how to shape behavior and growth Any two theorists on whether emotions are helpful or harmful in decision making

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