Public Transportation in savannah

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word initial proposal regarding how you will change the public policy issue. In your proposal: Identify the internal and external environments that influence your plan’s process. Analyze the effect that these environments have on the success of your policy plan. Elaborate on the various benefits of implementing a change through this public policy issue. Identify any ethical considerations that must be acknowledged before the project may begin. This writing will be based upon the provided summary in week 1 which i have attached below. Transportation Policy Issue Transportation policies in the city of Savannah are one of the biggest issues affecting the transport operates across the city. The local authorities intend to collect more money from the public to improve the transport network system in the city. This policy, however, may lead to a rise in the tax. The main issue which policymakers fail to consider is the number of public transits which may get affected and also how the policy can be implemented(Sheikh, & Tauhidul, 2019). The government should consider collecting funds from other major resources to reduce the burden impacted on the savannah commuters and transport operators. Prohibition of downtown transportation is a policy which has also led to undesired consequences when mobility is restricted in specific locations or during particular periods; people definitely will choose to go elsewhere, causing imbalance or longer movements. Currently, this problem has led to the rise of income taxes, property taxes and estate inheritance taxes across the city.

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