Page needed: 15 pages single-spaced. Also include tables, pictures, and graphs which are not accounted for the 15 pages.


In the Caribbean, a homeowner is considering installing solar panels as one of his electricity sources. The home is currently being built and is around 80% complete. The house is roughly 4500 square feet and sits on about an acre of land. The owner wishes to remain off the grid for three days, therefore the solar panels must be installed on the roof.

Goal of the final report:

Based on his demand, focus on bringing the deliverables mentioned below:

·  Calculate a charge/load analysis based on his energy consumption. 

·  Conduct a case study on how many sun hours available based on the location of the property.

·  Provide insights on safety measures about natural disasters i.e., hurricanes and earthquakes.

·  Arrange a full solar system package i.e., solar modules, connection box, solar power inverter, PV meter, and bi-directional meter, racking, cost of labor. 

·  Provide a full cost analysis depending on different packages based on several charge loads scenarios.  

·  Assist with the installation process.


– The attached document are provided as support to complete the final report.

– The format and the outline to complete the report is provided


– Introduction/Literature review has to be 2-3 full pages with research to support the work

– A gantt chart needs to be added

– I need at least 15-25 references

PV System Final Report