It is recommended that you choose to interview an individual in an area of higher education which is a future career interest of yours. Please choose a college or university in new york, new jersey, maryland, near the east side. Your interview questions should explore how this leader’s position in their college or university assist in assuring equity for all students attending their institution. At a minimum your interview summary should include the following: • A brief overview of their role and overall responsibilities at their institution; • A thorough examination of programmatic interventions to address the needs of various student constituencies their office/department serves; • Their role in implementing the initiatives; • How the initiative(s) are/were assessed; • Process for approving their office’s initiatives at the institution; and • What factors were considered when addressing the targeted populations The following is a set of guidelines for completing the project: Step 1: Identify and recruit the interview participant; set up an appointment to conduct the interview Step 2: Develop an interview protocol (list of questions to guide your interview) Step 3: Conduct the interview using the interview protocol. take notes which include verbatim quotes. (Week 3) Step 4: Listen to the entire interview tape and take notes on interesting findings Step 5: Submit a summary of the interview, ), including major findings, relationship to the areas covered in the course, verbatim quotes to illustrate key points, and your interview protocol

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