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Most often we encounter ethical dilemmas related to end-of-life issues.The purpose of this forum is to practice applying the 6.0 Model of Ethical Reasoning PHI 1600 Applied Ethics Dr. Dave Monroe (linked here). This decision framework was introduced in Week 1. You will apply it to an ethical dilemma you encountered, or have personal knowledge of, in a work setting.

Confidentiality is important!Do not disclose names of patients, staff, or agencies as you describe an ethical dilemma witnessed. Remember, an ethical dilemma is a problem that has multiple & often opposite but ethically justifiable solutions. Most of the time there is no “perfect” solution, but a reason-based decision must be made.

Reflect on your situation & respond to the following questions for your original post (please note the instructions at the bottom about peer responses in this forum):

  • 1. Briefly describe the ethical dilemma with necessary background information. Include a description of the major stake-holders. Who held the “power” or control over the final decision?
  • 2. What were the options considered for resolving this issue? Were there specific regulations or agency policies applicable in the issue?
  • 3. Which provision or specific interpretive statement of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nursing is relevant to the situation you described?
  • 4. Discuss whether you think the “best” moral decision was selected.Is this an instance that contributes to ‘moral debris’ because of what was not done or could have been handled better

Use at least one scholarly resource other than your textbook to support your remarks

All scholarly sources cited in-text and as references must be APA compliant, including direct quotations.

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Questions 1-4 use APA/references scholarly sources
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