Intro: -Introduce topic (culture/identity/person which is the focus of your paper) -Establish how your topic has been a marginalized culture/identity/person in America and American Media or why this is an important/relevant social issue -Thesis/Controlling idea (This should be an overview of your sources’ rhetoric. As a whole, what kind of representation/approach do the sources give upon your topic?) Paragraph 2: -Summarize your topic. What is the significance of your topic? What is the background of their experience in our society? What are some of the ways they have been portrayed? In what ways may they be misunderstood? You do not need to cite information in this paragraph. Paragraph 3: Source 1 -Here you will discuss how the source reports on the topic. Do they seem biased? Is a clear message or argument being presented? Cite from your source in correct MLA format and elaborate upon the significance of your cited passages. –Quote phrases that indicate the overall idea/perspective on the topic -Introduce source (title/author/publication). (Author/Creator, Title, Where You Accessed the Source, and Approximate date of publication) -Summarize source in a couple of sentences. -Provide a quote which illustrates the perspective of your source. -Elaborate for a few sentences on the perspective of the source on the event/issue. Paragraph 4: Source 2 -Repeat the procedure from Source 1 with Source 2 Paragraph 5: Source 3 -Repeat procedure. Paragraph 6: Source 4 -Repeat procedure Second to the last paragraph: -Here you will compare and contrast the rhetoric of your sources. How do they relate or conflict in their coverage? You may cite if necessary, but the cited passages should illustrate an overall controlling idea about the coverage as you established in the intro. Make sure that you clearly develop your controlling idea in these paragraphs. Conclusion: -Provide a closing discussion on your topic (culture/identity/person) -Re-phrase the Thesis/Controlling Idea -Close with a discussion of what has been learned from your research, and the significance of your topic beyond your essay and research.


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