Organizations should develop strategies to constantly identify and quickly remediate discovered vulnerabilities. Effective identification and assessment of vulnerabilities will help in determining threats, potential impact, and the best course of action to address vulnerabilities. There are many tools to assist in determining vulnerabilities, but techniques such as vulnerability scanning and penetration testing play a significant role in helping detect vulnerabilities in resources. Although it may not be the most glamorous of techniques, vulnerability scanning can help a cybersecurity professional discover weaknesses that will not take much effort by attackers to capitalize on. For this task, you will conduct research to address multiples areas of vulnerability assessment as listed below. Differentiation between vulnerability scans and vulnerability assessment. The effect of threat vectors in vulnerability assessment. Different types of vulnerabilities and their causes. Attack surface and vulnerability assessment. Analysis of the use of operational critical threat, asset, and vulnerability evaluation (OCTAVE) and the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSSv2) as open vulnerability scoring systems. Development of a relationship between vulnerability, threat, and risks with examples using mathematical calculations.


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