Description For this assignment, you will be choosing two articles: one from a far left-leaning news agency listed on the Otero News Chart (Links to an external site. (under the “Evaluating News Quality” tab of the Mendo LibGuide (Links to an external site., and one from a far right-leaning website. You will have to conduct an internet search for the news agencies you have chosen. Choose one article from each side of the political spectrum (one far left leaning–liberal, and one far right leaning–conservative). This means a total of two articles (one liberal and one conservative). The Ontero News Chart is only a guide; you will have to track down the news agencies yourself online. Read and evaluate each. Determine: the goal of the article the method used to reach that goal (see the “Information Neighborhoods” under the same tab (Links to an external site.) on the LibGuide) the fallacious arguments asserted You will also assess what Journalistic Ethics (Links to an external site.) are being upheld, and which are not. Choose no more than three points to address. Essay Structure The opening paragraph will introduce the article titles, the authors and the news source of each article. The last line of the introduction paragraph should give me an indication as to what conclusions you came to about both articles (your thesis statement). The first body paragraph will summarize the first article. The second body paragraph will explain what you determined about the article. The third body paragraph will summarize the second article. The fourth body paragraph will explain what you determined about the article. The concluding paragraph will offer some kind of assessment or conclusion you have come to after analyzing the articles. The last page of the essay will be a Works Cited page. This should be written in third person, avoid using “I” or “me” or “my” (even in te concluding paragraph) and don’t speak directly to the reader by using “you” or “your.” I expect this will be at least 3-pages (750 words), but it can certainly be longer. Follow basic MLA format and upload the paper here. A Works Cited page is required, and any quotes must be appropriately cited.

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