Reflection 3: The Argentina Economic Crisis

Argentina’s economic ups and downs have historically been tied to the health of Argentine peso.  South America’s south most resident – which oftentimes considered itself more European than Latin America – has been wracked by hyperinflation, international indebtedness, and economic collapse over the last century to the present time.  The country’s prolonged financial and economic woes are complex, thus we try here to get a glimpse of its more recent development by watching four short video segments (Required Videos).  Interested audience can get a more complete picture by watching the Optional Video.

Your writing should summarize the causes of the crisis, the hard lessons learned, and in the conclusion reflect upon how to stop a similar crisis from happening again in the country.  The entire reflection needs to be 300 words minimum, in font 12, and no more than two pages. 

Note: The reflection will be checked by “turnitin”. (optional)

Reflection 3: The Argentina Economic Crisis