Work experience

Fieldwork forms an essential part of your geology studies, since it provides necessary practical experience to complement what you learn in the classroom. You can find work experience opportunities in both the UK and overseas, with some courses offering a year out. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your skill set and establish a useful network of contacts.

Some graduates choose to enhance their qualifications and skills, by doing paid or voluntary work on short-term environmental projects, in the UK or abroad. Time spent undertaking work experience or shadowing can help you make decisions about your future career and you’ll find it motivating when you apply your expertise to solve problems in a different context.

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Typical employers

Many geology graduates enter professions directly related to their degree. Popular roles include exploration and production, water supply, environmental engineering and geological surveying. Other areas include environmental planning, hydrogeology and pollution control.

Employment is often found within:

  • the oil, gas and petroleum sector
  • the groundwater industry
  • environmental consultancies
  • civil engineering and construction companies.

Other employers include the British Geological Survey (BGS), the Environment Agency (EA), local authorities, museums and government organisations.

Overseas work in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada can be a common feature of careers in geology. Some experienced professionals may also become self-employed consultants.

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