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Part 1:

CHOOSE, a theme to explore for your choreographic project. Here are some examples (or feel free to choose your own).

Emotional States: Anxiety, Contentment, Fear, Longing, Sadness, Disappointment, Excitement, Anger, Distress, Apprehension, Irritation, Hurt, Sensitivity, Astonishment, Loneliness, Emptiness, Shame, etc.

Nature: Wind, Water, Fire, etc.

Socio/Political: Global Warming, Immigration, Refugee Crisis, Violence, Racism, Poverty, Homelessness, Drug use, etc.

Relationships: Codependent, Dominating, Dysfunctional, Toxic, Symbiotic, Parasitic, Mother/Daughter, Supportive, Influential, etc.

After choosing your theme, begin to brainstorm about what movement you want to do. Where will the movement take you? What qualities of movement will you utilize? How could you use space, time, and force to physicalize your theme

At least in a paragraph.

Part 2:

Research your chosen theme – utilize the comments and feedback on your proposal, find articles, photos, artwork, poetry, etc. that reflects back on your theme.

Please post at least 3 sources (you can provide more) and go into detail as to how these sources reflect or connect to your theme.

Requirements: as shown


reply part one and part two separately
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