Final Assignment | Part 1: Community public health issues 

Final Assignment: Community Overview

Public health professionals must be able to identify, evaluate, and assess riskin order to be able to propose a solution that addresses an environmentalhealth issue. This assignment requires you to complete those steps in the formof a proposal and a presentation to at least one stakeholder, and to define astrategy for leveraging the support of a non-public health organization topartner in the proposed intervention.
Note: There are two parts to this assignment, each with a separate deadline,which you can find in the Upcoming Events block on the Course Home page.

Assignment Instructions

1. Research community public health issues in your area (PASADENA, CA) or anarea with which you are familiar.
2. Identify a community health risk and conduct a risk assessment in order toevaluate the potential risk to the community.
3. Research and evaluate the policies that are in place that govern any factorsrelated to the environmental health issue.
4. Interview stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the issue withinthe community.
5. Assess the exposure to the community and characterize the risk.
6. Prepare a proposal for an action plan.
7. Present the proposed solution to a stakeholder.
8. Solicit an evaluation of your action plan along with any feedback from thestakeholder.

Assignment Requirements

Part 1 – Written Proposal

Written proposal must outline the risk assessment, evaluation, and proposedsolution as follows:
• A problem statement that encapsulates the community public health issue
• The results of your risk assessment
• Your understanding of the stakeholder’s perspective and input about the issuein the community
• Assessment of exposure to the community
• Characterization of the risk
• A proposed solution
• Potential non-public health organizations, e.g., faith, technical, scientific, political, economic,etc., who might be approached to partner in the solution
Download the proposal template [DOWNLOAD] for further guidance. ATACHED

Assignment Scope

Written Proposal:


Research and evaluate the policies that are in place that govern any factors related to environmental health issue
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