Locate Florida state laws and regulations relating to the five areas of practice listed below. Use Capella’s Licensure Resources, linked in the Resources for this discussion. The laws regulating the practice of counseling in your state can be found on your state counseling board website, or through your state counseling association. School counselors should check with the state board of education. Review the state laws and regulations relating to the practice of counseling for substance abuse. Within these regulations, locate the specific areas relating to: Internship requirements Supervision (who can function as a supervisor in Florida and what are the requirements for being a supervisor). Licensing and certification (requirements and application process). Continuing education requirements for licensed/credentialed counselors (how many hours will you need and how often). Information about grounds for suspension or revocation of a license (list three specific things that can get you into trouble in Florida). Address how these laws impact counseling professionals in general. Please be sure to cite the specific legal codes. For example: the Florida Revised Code (FRC) #4757-13 discusses the licensing of counselors.

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