Following up on the Divorce PowerPoint material, this assignment asks you to propose a simple research study on divorce. 1. Focus your study by proposing a specific, divorce-related research question. The best research studies DON’T try to cover everything- they pick a specific issue and cover it thoroughly. 2. Who will you need to participate in your study? This depends on your research question, and may include more participants than divorced or divorcing couples. Will you want a control group of some sort? 3. How long will your study follow participants? You can look at participants at a single point in time, or you can track them over years ( or even decades). The longer your study continues, the higher the cost and the longer you have to wait for results- but this may be worth it! 4. How will you control for bias or other variables distorting your results? What variables would you be most concerned about? ( For example, social class, distance from extended family, children, length of marriage….) 5. How do you anticipate your research question would be answered? Your propose research study should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Be sure you address all of the above question.

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