Search the library for research related to telehealth. Find a research article published in the past 5 years about Telehealth. Not every article presents research. Click here ( to find out what constitutes a research article. Create a presentation. Here are the guidelines for the presentation and the rubric below used for grading: Step 1 – Introduce the research article and how the researchers explored Telehealth; you can provide a URL demonstrating this technology if you can find one. Step 2 – Provide results of the research and how this may or may not be applied in nursing. Be sure to cite this source. Step 3 – Reflect on Telehealth and what you have learned this week. Step 4 – Provide the article reference in APA format; provide the permalink if you can find one to the article (this is obtained to the right of the article and is a link directly to it). Some databases, such as Cochrane, may not have this so just cite the article reference.

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