1.Analyse Richard Branson’s leadership style and his Business philosophy supporting your answer with organisational and leadership theories. 2. Discuss some of the behaviours and personality traits you observe in Richard Branson supporting your argument with behavioural and trait theories. 3. Discuss how Branson’s leadership style would impact on Virgin‘s performance and employees’ motivation. Support your answer with the relevant theories. 4. In a fast changing environment and a globalised economy, should Richard Branson consider a more post-modern organisation? Justify your answer.  GUIDELINES INTRODUCTION 1. who is Richard Branson?(beriefly explain) ANALYTICAL DISCUSSION 2.discuss what leadship is and how would you describe Branson’s leadership style. Discuss his business philosophy with reference to organisational theory( Classical, Huaman relations schools etc.) 3.What behavious do you observe in Richard Branson? (refer to Behavioural theory) 4.what do you think the impact of Branson’s leadership style is likely to be on the organisation performance (VIrgin) and employee’ motivation? You should provide a perspective on organisational structure as well in the section (eg: mechanistic v organic, and contingency approach) discuss how Globalisation would affect Vrigin and whether Richard Bransin should consider a more post-modern organisation? CONCLUSION 5.Draw togerther your principle duscussion point to conslude how leadership styles influence and impact on organisational behaviour.

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