1. During the first chapter Esperanza and her Father hear the heartbeat of the earth. Describe the parallel to the final section of the novel when Esperanza and Miguel listen to the heartbeat of the earth 2. Abuelita teaches Esperanza how to crochet. Abuelita speaks about the “mountains and valleys” in the stitching. Describe 2 “mountains” and 2 “valleys” in Esperanza’s life 3. Describe 3 historical events from the plot that you found to be believable causing the book to fit the historical Fiction genre. Be Specific 4. Esperanza is at a low point and Abuelita reminds her of a story she has told Esperanza many times, the myth of the “phoenix rising out of its own ashes”. What is inspirational about this myth? How does this myth relate to Esperanza’s own life? 5. All of the chapter titles of the novel, Esperanza Rising are names of a fruit. Explain your interpretation why Pam Munoz Ryan has chosen to title the chapters in this way. Be specific in explaining your interpretation

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