The purpose of your review and selection of resources is to gather preliminary information that may inform the creation of your paper. As a reminder, you will need to select 4 resources, at least 2 being primary (peer-reviewed) for your final paper. Some suggestions to get your started include: Searching whether there is a national research organization that currently works in support of helping the public understand the mental health disorder (hint: there is likely more than one). *These can be used as secondary resources Search the COM library for primary resources (secondary resources are also available. Recommendation is the use the Library Guide for Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (Links to an external site.) Students often find that clicking on “Super Search” enables the most useful way to search for resources. Enter your topic in the keyword search You can narrow the dates your search for the last 10 years for the most relevant and timely information If it is a peer-reviewed article, it will be listed as an “Academic Journal” Due: Saturday, July 13th at 11:59 pm Selection of 2 resources listed on a APA Reference Page (Links to an external site.). For information on how to list your references if you use websites and/or journals, please visit here (Links to an external site.). *Remember, this is just a list of your references, not your summary. Submission is the best way to receive feedback on this page prior to final submission *Your textbook can be used as a secondary resource *Your selection of resources that you submit can include primary and/or secondary resources In general, whether you are summarizing a peer-reviewed article, website information, or information from a textbook, the following content is important to include so that the reader can receive a general synopsis of the information: THESE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWEARD FOR SURE. Purpose of the article/research study How was the information gathered? Who was studied? Information on demographics is helpful in understanding the population of interest ****What were the primary findings? ****How can this information be helpful for others (general public, research community?) ****Your summary should be at least one paragraph per article, be written in APA format, and ****should be helpful in understanding the mental health disorder you are investigating. Due: Sunday, July 14th at 11:59 pm Summary of two references. Feedback will be provided that will help guide you in completing your remaining two summaries for your final paper, and making any revisions to the submitted summaries.

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