Second part of Dream country by Gibney

Paper details consider only the second third of the book: Parts 3 and 4 of Gibney’s Dream Country ; Please note that if you have a different version than mine, you may have different page numbers. Writing is the way we make sense of the ideas in our head and what we read about for class. These close- reading journals (due every week) will allow you to explore the ideas you read about. Each entry should be an honest reaction to and analysis of the materials we have read, NOT a summary of the material. All journal entries are due on D2L according to the dates indicated on the schedule. Each entry should be ~500-750 words. You may consider any of the text(s) from that week (you may, if you wish, reflect back on previous texts as A well to make cohesive connections). Your journals will be two-part; I will be looking for 1) a synthesis/ response and 2) an analysis/close-reading of a line. For the first part, concentrate on responding to the ideas and issues presented by the texts and making connections among the texts and to your own experiences. The main idea is to reflect on ideas that you find interesting. If you want, you may consider some of the Smart Questions I’ve posted in the ONLINE Discussion for that week or some of the Smart Questions your classmates have shared. For the second part, choose one line from one of the texts and conduct a Close Reading (see the last page of these Course Policies) of that text.

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