Instructions Final Project: Security Threat Group Management Plan (30 Points) Charts and Graphic material may be included on PowerPoint slides with the proper citations. Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations. Objectives: •Identify the stakeholders with whom correctional administrators interact •Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the correctional system •Describe the process of developing an implementation plan •To synthesize program elements and structures to provide the basis for a program considered to be using best practices Project Topic: •Security Threat Group Management You are the Director of Security at a maximum security correctional institution. Due to the presence of Security Threat Groups in the facility there have been several recent violent incidents. These incidents have resulted in numerous injuries to inmates, and one fatality. Several officers have been injured responding to these incidents. The Officers Union is demanding that the institution be permanently locked down, in order to prevent future incidents. The Warden has directed that you identify a best or promising practice program for the management of Security Threat Groups. You are to prepare a presentation to be given to the Commissioner regarding the implementation of a similar STG Management Program at your facility. The presentation must include: 1.A discussion of the security issues that exist, due to the presence of Security Threat Groups. 2.An explanation of the methods employed by inmates to recruit new members into their groups. 3.Identify the process to identify inmates to be placed in the STG Management program. 4.Identify any potential budget impacts involved with the proposed plan (actual budget costs are not required for this presentation, however, the identification of any items which will have an impact upon the budget should be included e.g. Five additional Correction Officers are required to conduct searches. Not. Five additional correction officers at a cost of $40,000 each will be required to conduct searches) 5.Identify the stakeholders. What involvement, if any, should they have in the implementation of the project? 6.Will the implementation of the plan have an impact upon employees? If so, what is the impact?


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