The New York Times has recently reported that President Obama has authorized the use of drones in targeted attacks against those suspected of being enemy combatants, including at least one American citizen. According to the Times, one of the leading architects of current U.S. drone policy, John Brennan, is the President’s nominee for CIA Director. Those killed in the strikes include Anwar al-Awiaki, an American citizen who reportedly worked with al-Qaida when he was killed in Yemen in 2011.
Scott Shane, a writer for the Times, filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Justice Department to obtain a memo from the Office of Legal Counsel detailing the justification for killing American citizens without trial (or other due process) as part of a counterterrorism operation.
Questions arise concerning the possible use of drones against those suspected of being enemy combatants on American soil, and the possible use of drones by foreign states against its own citizens, in other countries (for instance, Russia sending a drone to kill a suspected terrorist in Georgia).
Comment on both of these, using Kant’s and Bentham’s theories. Justify your reponse.
Course Bibliography and Required Readings:
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Writing Guidelines
Each writing assignment deals with the topic under discussion. These writing assignments cumulatively account for 75% of the student’s grade. Writing assignments are expected to be 1800 – 2000 words, double-spaced, with a bibliography (source page) and corresponding citations in the body of the paper. The minimum requirement for sources is six.
Formal academic writing uses standardized styles and citation formats. The preferred format is the APA style. To access the APA writing guidelines go to this link:
Should you wish to use CHICAGO style that will be acceptable. The Chicago Style guide can be found at
Papers should have 1-inch margins all around. You are expected to use a standardized font – preferably Times New Roman, 12 point. Cite your references in EVERY instance and include a properly formatted reference list and cover page with every assignment.
Every writing assignment should be submitted as a WORD or PDF document. If you do not have Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, then copy the text you have written directly into the assignment section of Blackboard during the appropriate week. Do NOT submit writing assignments in Word Perfect, Microsoft Works, or some e-mail format. They will not be accepted.
An abstract is NOT required…………….
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Seminar in Criminal Justice Agency Ethics

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