Problem 1 is on performance specification. It is about what kind of performance customers expect without knowing the design. Lectures do not cover the details. Our textbook “Design for Reliability” covers this on page 7.

Since some of you may not have the textbook, here is the listing of performances from the textbook. Make a statement on each from customers point of view.  The customer may not need all of these. May be the customers like to have some new requirement not on this list.

Functions of the product

Range of applications

Range of environments

Active safety

Duty cycles during life


Robustness for user or servicing mistakes

Logistics requirements

Manufacturability requirements

Internal interface requirements

External interface requirements

Installation requirements

Shipping and handling capabilities

Serviceability and diagnostics capabilities

Prognostics health monitoring

Usability on other products


I would add one more feature (slide 5 of lecture 3): defining what the product “should not do”. You can also interpret as “what the product shall not do”. Remember sudden acceleration on millions of Toyota cars? The performance specification should have said: There shall be no sudden acceleration.


Serviceability and diagnostics capabilities
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