So the theme is, in our class, we are doing a “Shark Tank” presentation. The product will be “Life Ring”.  The demo product we are following to innovate our product, the details are here: “Oura Ring” And the “Apple watch”. So our product will be a mixture of these 2 and the name of our product is “Life ring” . (You can research on google for oura ring or apple watch)

So I want a 4 slide powerpoint presentation which will cover the broad information in details given below: 

Opportunity assessment (planning phase) 

  • Company: 
  • Company’s mission 
  • financial
  • market objectives,
  • resources 
  • Industry 
  • Impact in the market 

Assessment of: 

  • Consumers (market segmentation) 
  • SWOT Analysis (talk about  strengths and opportunities to convince  investors) 

You can do the research and you can put any fake data in the slide, that will not be a problem. Please provide detailed reference info and link from where you are collecting the market data.

Shark Tank