This is an argumentative essay.
Here is the background information that I would like included and used for a baseline.
1)Possible thesis, We should ban the use of plastic water bottles due to the increasingly high pollution rate of the bottles, the cost of making the plastic, and the extreme amount of waste that comes from these bottles.
Please use articles as sources that CAN be accessed via the internet and printed off, IE
No text books as sources please, just articles that can looked up and printed off.
***Your purpose with this essay will be to convince readers that a particular position on a controversial environmental issue is correct, or at least reasonable. The topic must be one on which there is clearly more than one possible viewpoint, and there must be documented evidence available in support of each side. You must use and cite at least three outside sources to support your ideas – two of the sources can be partisan, supporting one side of the issue, while the third source should give objective information on the topic’s history and context.
Organization – Your argument paper must include the following components:
Introduction (1 paragraph) – must do the following:
• Engage readers with an interesting “hook,” that provides an initial context for the issue.
• Explain your purpose for writing, including the importance or relevance of the issue.
• End with a clear thesis that gives your position on the issue. Often this thesis will use a modal such as “ought,” “should,” or “must.”
Background/history of the issue (1-2 paragraphs)—this section objectively provides basic history and other background information needed by the audience to understand the issue and to appreciate the position you are advocating.
Development of argumentative claims supporting the position presented in your thesis statement, giving reasons and evidence to support them (1-2 paragraphs per claim).
• You are free to include your own ideas about the issue; however, your argument should rely on credible outside information, including the opinions of experts on the subject and factual information from current and credible sources. Be sure to provide specific details and clear, effective examples to back up each point you make.
• You should include appeals to ethos (credibility & authority), logos (logic) and/or pathos (emotion), as relevant to the issue and to your audience.
• Be sure to acknowledge and respond to any weaknesses or limitations in your position. Explain how it is still stronger than other views or positions.
• Use qualifying language (i.e., likely, usually, often, should, might) rather than absolute language (i.e., always, every, cannot possibly, completely) to make your position more defensible and thus more acceptable for a skeptical audience
Summary and discussion of opposing views – you must present and address the opposition views (counterarguments) on the issue. This can be done in a separate section, or by presenting and answering counterargument along with your own claims.
• Point out what the opposition is likely to say; then, do one of the following for each opposition point you present.
o Concede the correctness of a point by acknowledging its validity or truth in a limited way.
o Absorb the point into your own argument (show how your views do not actually oppose it).
o Refute the point by showing how it is factually or logically in error.
Conclusion – close your argument essay by again mentioning the overall issue and emphatically restating your position (in different words than your thesis), pointing out the benefits of believing or following the recommendations of your argument. You may also mention possible negative effects of choosing opposing sides (but only if you can base it on information already given). Do NOT present new points of argument or counterargument in the conclusion.
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Should we ban the use of (disposable) bottled water

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