In this project, you will design a network for a small company with about 20 employees (you decide the actual number of employees around 20) Small Company Network Design In this project you will produce a detailed plan and drawings of a network for the small company. Each employee has an office room, a cell telephone, and a lap-top computer with a wireless network card as well as a wired network card so that it can be used as a desktop inside the office and as a mobile laptop. The company has two sections: (1) manufacturing section with five employees, including one employee for shipping/handling, and (2) the rest of the employees in another section including one secretary, president, chief financial officer, engineers, sales and marketing employees. The two sections are on two separate networks. They are connected by an internetworking device. The company has three servers, one for engineers, one for sales and corporate executives, and one for corporate web server for external use. It has Internet service so that employees can get data connections to the outside world as well as for clients to access the web server. The corporate LANs and the Internet are connected through router setup as firewall. The building is wired for LAN. There is wired LAN outlet in each office, shipping area, manufacturing area, server room and for the receptionist. Network Plan Your network design plan should include at least the following, most likely more: 1. Corporate business and network requirements 2. The type and characteristics (speed, topology, etc.) of the wired and wireless LANs. 3. The internetworking devices such as hubs, bridges, switches, etc., used for both wired and wireless LANs 4. Describe how the design of the network satisfies the corporate requirements 5. The layout of the wiring of the rooms for wired LAN 6. Cable details as well as the terminators for the cable(s) in each room. 7. The detailed cost of all materials used give details such as material cost for cables, terminators, hubs, switches, routers, servers, laptops, telephones, etc., cost of labor for wiring and setting the network, and recurring cost such as maintenance (labor and replacement equipment) cost, ISP cost, telecommunication cost 8. Vendor information for each material listed above 9. For each material including PCs, phones and network hardware, you have to identify three vendors, get the details about the material, and then select one best material out of the three giving appropriate reason for the selection Document Layout Create a typed document describing the network plan. Draw all the diagrams using appropriate drawing tool. Hand drawing will not be accepted. You could use Microsoft Word, Visio, or any other drawing tool that you have access to. Submit the document. There is no minimum or maximum size limit for this document. Your document should have the following layout: 1. Title (Heading): center and bold face title 2. Author : your name centered 3. Affiliation of the author which is FSC 4. Table of content: with page numbers, MS Word created and not typed by you 5. Introduction 6. Corporate business description 7. Corporate network requirements specification that satisfy the business needs 8. Each Network component and or feature you select must include the following: (a) Requirement, (b) Three available technology choices (including vendor details) and cost, (c) Analysis of the choices with respect to the network requirements, (d) Reason for selecting a particular choice 9. Floor space size and layout 10. LAN selection 11. LAN configuration 12. Overall cabling layout of the wired network 13. Employee computer system for data and multimedia 14. Employee system for voice requirement (telephone) 15. Corporate and Internet server systems 16. Router, firewall, switch, bridge, and hub systems according to your network design 17. WAN connection for (a) voice, (b) data, and (c) video, if any. 18. Include vendor’s product description and brochure for each product you use in your network design. Include price information with the product. Access vendor’s website and or manuals to find details. Collect product information from three vendors for each product and include them with your document. Select one of the three vendors product with the reason for selection included in the document 19. Show the cost calculation for the overall network. For each component, indicate quantity, unit price, and total price. Show calculation for the installation labor cost. Sum all the component prices and the installation price to get the overall cost. 20. Conclusion 21. References for products you have collected, network design books, journals, and magazines used. These references must be cited in the document at appropriate places. 22. Appendix. In the appendix include all the vendors brochures and other documents you have collected for various components and systems


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