Social Anxiety- Cognitive Theory
Paper details Please choose a specific disorder to investigate from a particular theoretical model of abnormal behavior (i.e. biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, social/family). You should discuss the etiology, and symptomatology of the disorder through the lens of your chosen theoretical model. Please choose only 1 disorder and 1 theory. Be sure to back up your responses with references and citations from the available literature. (For example, I might choose to investigate generalized anxiety disorder from a behavioral model of abnormal behavior. I would examine the etiology and symptomatology of generalized anxiety disorder in terms of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and modeling). Keep in mind, each theoretical approach (e.g., behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, humanistic, social/family systems) will have different explanations for the same disorder (we will be discussing this in more detail throughout the semester). Thus, the main purpose of this paper is to display your ability to examine a particular disorder through the lens of your chosen theoretical orientation. The disorder you are writing about is secondary to your ability to explain the causes, and symptoms through your theoretical orientation. Do NOT simply cover the symptoms of your chosen disorder in a general fashion. Paper guidelines: All sources utilized MUST be from peer reviewed scholarly journals and/or books. There is a plethora of information that is published on the internet that is not research based information. Remember, one of the main aspects of a scholarly paper is to present information that has been supported through scientific research. I would highly recommend utilizing PSYCH INFO, PROQUEST PSYCHOLOGY or GOOGLE SCHOLAR for all of your research. You will lose points if your sources are not from peer reviewed scholarly journals and/or books.


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