You will choose an educational issue and, drawing from sociological research in class materials along with reflection on your own experiences and observations, write a critical analysis of that issue incorporating analysis of relevant aspects of RACE, GENDER and CLASS. Source Needed: The Shame of a Nation by Johnathan Kozol Ex from earlier writing exercise: “College where I come from is a far out dream and that is the saddest part of our educational system in America. When kids, because of their cultural capital, get better and different opportunities, a huge problem exist. Cultural capital relates to skills and a worldview that is passed on via family, according to Julie Bettie(women without class article). Our working-class students are not given the same options as our middle-class students to achieve and succeed in life. Our capitalistic society promotes a working-class that is lowly educated and not aspiring to develop or grow productively. Poverty is one of the biggest problems that plague our society. That, coupled with surviving, promotes a deadly cycle that ends in mass incarceration and/or mindsets that don’t expect a lot and don’t question their placement or social class. Bettie explains, “where middle-class performers experienced an extended adolescence by going to college, working-class performers across race began their adult lives earlier.” (Pg. 15) The cultural capital these children draw from is like drinking water from Flint, Michigan. Without positive role models and positive reinforcements the cycle is perpetuated.”


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