Career Highlight

Environmental Scientists are utilized in many different industries from the government to hospitals to private companies. They will review, analyze, and evaluate the work environment to control, eliminate and prevent disease and/or injury. This may occur through procedural change, program design or various other measures.

Environmental Scientists will also investigate accidents to identify the cause and establish future prevention, recommend protection measures, and programs to address hygiene problems such as noise and ventilation. The degree required by most employers is a bachelor’s. Individuals working as an environmental scientists might expect a median wage of $68,900 annually. However, depending on education level, industry, and experience, environmental specialists have the potential to earn upward of $110,000, which makes this position one of the highest paying public health jobs.

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists inspect workplace environments, procedures, and equipment to make sure they are in compliance with safety standards and regulations. Additionally, they may design programs and procedures to help minimize or prevent disease and injury caused by chemical, physical, and biological agents or ergonomic factors. They can be employed by both the public and private sectors with the government being the top industry. The median salary for this role is $73,020, however the projected job growth of only 4-6% between 2018-2028.


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