Assessment 02 – Essay Word Count: 4,000 words (+/- 10%) Weighting: 70% Name of the lecturer: Instructions: For this assessment you will show spoken language data from the group (speech community, community of practice or discourse community) that you described in assessment 01. You will analyse the data by showing some excerpts of your data, explaining relevant sociolinguistics terms based on your study of books and journals, then seeing how those terms can be used to analyse the data you have collected. 1. Record a spoken language interaction among up to four speakers. These people must be those you described in your ethics submission. The length of the interaction must be at least long enough to allow you to transcribe approximately 500 words. 2. Briefly describe the participants, especially by using those social variables that you argue affect the language realisations the participants use. (Avoid repeating your own words from assessment 01.) 3. Describe the context of the interaction, especially those contextual features that you argue affect the language realisations the participants use. 4. Present transcriptions of one to four data excerpts from your recorded data with a total word count of approximately 500 words. (Five hundred words total, not 500 per excerpt.) The transcription(s) should be inserted in the body of the essay, either at the start or spread throughout the essay. (See below1.) 5. Describe the language that appears in in your data excerpts using sociolinguistic terms. a. Explain relevant key linguistic terms discussed in this module. b. Cite academic sources to show where you found your explanations. Use sources from class, but also use additional valid academic sources from the university library. c. Explain the relevance of the terms to your work by describing how examples of the terms appear or do not appear in your data. d. Analyse why the terms are realised or not.

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