Consider that a loved one close to you is experiencing symptoms of dementia.

Read: How to Create a Checklist and Daily Care Plan for Dementia…

Develop a safety plan for your loved one.

Include each of the following points in your assignment:

List your care plan for your loved one

Work with the elder and family to develop a schedule for your loved one

What would you advise your loved one to do?

Would you seek to hire a caretaker, why or why not?

Would you feel the need to seek counseling or help?


There are countless organizations that exist to help veterans and veteran families. Because of the overwhelming number, it can be difficult to find legitimate organizations to help this community. This website lists military and veteran organizations that meet different needs a veteran or military family may incur. Find three that focus on PTSD and mental health care for veterans as part of the organization’s mission.

Read: Trusted Military and Veteran Service Organizations…

Produce a list of facts comparing and contrasting the three organizations.

Include each of the following points in your assignment:

Organize information for three of the organizations in a chart form of your choosing

Summarize the three organizations

Include the mission or vision for each organization in your own words

What are they key accomplishments of the organization?

How will you use what you have learned to assist the military?

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SS340 Elderly and Veterans
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