Star Limited is a thriving private, family owned business operating hundreds of “local” supermarkets across Australia. Star Limited is seeking to make the transition to a publicly owned entity whose shares can be traded on the stock exchange. Star Limited has decided to list because they hope to benefit from gaining exposure to retail and institutional investors, as well as access to a larger capital market. They also foresee this as an exit strategy if they want to exit their investments and retire. They have found that they meet the profit and asset tests of the ASX and believe they are ready to list in most other respects.

The company was founded by Mr Sam Star, who, although he has a very dominant personality, has an abundance of charisma which is regarded by many as the key to the company’s success.

Though he has a penchant for business strategy, he is not always the “details man”. Mr Star’s wife and best friend Mr Moon have played an integral role behind the scenes ensuring the day to day business is appropriately handled.

In accordance with the ASX’s advice on setting out on the road to listing and IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the ASX, Mrs Star and Mr Moon have appointed professional advisors relating to corporate structure, financial matters, marketing and distribution of securities, as well as communication strategies (relating to investor, public and government relations) and other legal matters.
They now seek to retain specialist advisors on th…….

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Star Limited

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