I want to write a term paper for ” engineering polymers” about “How advances in polymers field led to advances in Basketball?”

* you should talk about polymers and how it effects basketball from so many different ways. polymers make the products better, so talk about the products and how was it made in the past and now using polymers. structure/properties for each product. properties of each polymers…etc

*** you must include an abstract page with 250 words.
*** 2500 words for the term paper
***** figures and tables might be included in term paper.

1. Equipment:
• Basketball
• Backboard
• Uniforms
2. The Purpose of these equipment.
3. Evolution of the basketball (just the ball)
• It was made using a rubber bladder.
• Today it is made of flexible plastic shaped by a mechanical mold.
4. How polymers have improved basketball?
• Today basketballs are made up of the production of hollow rubber bladders, which are produced by a liquid polymer composition containing an epoxy resin.
• Basketball today has better grip so the ball won’t slip away when the player holds it. 
6. Structure/properties that makes the ball better?
7. Evolution of backboard.
8. How polymers have improved backboard?
9. structure/properties that makes the backboard better?
10. Evolution of uniforms.
• The first uniform were made with quilted padded shorts and wool jersey.
• Today, jerseys are more advanced and made with nylon and polyester. 
11. How polymers have improved uniforms? 
• By having synthetic material that is made from polymer.
• It helps them play comfortably.
12. structure/properties that makes uniforms better
13. conclusion

****** use IEEE reference system for the reference page.
***** number of sources (5-7). 
******* use text citation. every sentence that you use from any source you have to cite it.
***** I will upload a sample reference page so please follow it.


Structure/properties that makes the backboard better
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