The Success Interview assignment is designed for students to acquire firsthand understanding of some skills, behaviors, and perspectives that will help them to be successful in their own professional and personal lives. Through interviewing an individualwhothey admire, students will hopefully be able to recognize some of the personal characteristics they will internalize and exemplify as they work toward their individual goals.For this paper, you will be interviewing someone who you identify as successful. Of course, there are myriad reasons why we might acknowledge someone asbeing successful. The person you interview may come from various contexts or points of interaction, including your personal, professional, or academic lives.The basic requirements of the Success Interview are to:1.Schedule and conduct an interview with a professional on or off campus who you admire.2.Develop a list of 4-5 questions that will guide the interview.3.Write paperthat reports on the major themes from the interview, as well as provides application of the interview experience to course concepts.4.Papers should be formatted according to the formatting requirements presented in the course syllabus. Papers should be 4-6 (double-spaced) pages in length.Formatting the paper:•Section 1: IntroductionoBegin the paper with an introduction that provides some brief background information on theinterviewee, your relationship to the interviewee, and the setting/context in which the interview took place.•Section 2: ThemesoInclude one section that reports on the major themes that appeared in the interview.The themes you identify should appear in bold, and should serve as headings for the different paragraphs in this section. Be sure to include descriptions and quotations of what was said during the interview.This section should be organized based on the themes you identify, not on the questions that guided the interview.•Section 3: Communication AnalysisoInclude one sectionthat analyzes the interview experience with no fewer than twoconcepts from our course text. These insights should be about the nature of the communication exchange that took place between you and the interviewee, but not necessarily the contents of the interview.•Section 4: ConclusionoConclude with thepaper with a conclusion section that summarizes the major themes/points presented in the paper, as well as an insight that you think is a key “takeaway”from the experience.Other Specifications/Reminders:•Be sure to schedule interviews well in advance in order to respect your interviewee’s time and schedule.•Be certain you ask permission to take hand-written notes, as well as to audio-record any portion of the interview. Tell interviewees that they may ask you to stop recording them at any time during the interview.•Be ethically responsible when reporting on interviewees’ responses. This process does no one any good if you fabricate responses or other information about the interviews.•Include the list of questions you asked your interviewee in an Appendix at the end of your paper. No formal citations are required for this assignment.Sample Interview Questions•What is your definition of success?•What obstacles did you have to overcome on your journey to where you are now?•How important was support from others in helping you to be successful?•What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment? How does it influence your perspectives on your own successes?•Is there anything you would change about your path to where you are now?•What are you doing now to continue improving on your successes?


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