ASSESSMENT 2 Industry Research Project (group assignment)
Due: week-10 11th May 2015 (in class)
Word limit: 4000+ words (or less if your diagrams can articulate your research well)
Mark allocation: 50%
The development of your professional skills includes researching organisational issues that are encountered in contemporary business. The majority of students will conduct research with organizations presented during class time. A few students may undertake a case study on an organisation that they are currently working in.
Purpose: To conduct research in response to current business issues that your organisation will present. This research project will require you to respond to a specific business issue that is presented to you and then design, collect, analyse, interpret, report and present data back to the business via your business report.
The research report should include: 
• an appropriate title;
• an executive summary;
• a research purpose/objective;
• a methodology (describing your data collection process);
• your report’s findings/outcomes;
• the conclusions; and
• a reference list (books, journals, industry reports, current and relevant media articles etc.) presented in Harvard style.
Assessment criteria 
• Did the report clearly define the objective and research aims and likely outcomes?
• Did the report use a wide range of relevant literature to assist the reader understand why the research was undertaken?
• Did the report reflect scholarly rigor by discussing and justifying research design choice?
• Was the data accurately presented through diagrams and written descriptions, and were they adequately discussed?
• Were problems with the research identified and discussed?
• Did the report provide relevant conclusions for the business?
• English usage, writing skill, succinctness, and evidence of editing.
• Visual presentation (the use of graphs, visuals and scanned photos are essential to your piece of work). While the content, layout, neatness, originality of presentation are also important to the overall final product.
• References (quality and correct method of scholarly presentation).
This is a major piece of research to be undertaken by a group of no more than five students.
This assessment will be discussed in class in detail. The professional industry WIL presentation will occur in week-6.
The industry is company 3D-GEO:
And our topic is
Sustainability of operations
We need focus on:
-Uncertainty avoidance
-Long-term orientation
These are ppt slids of 3D GEO:
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Sustainability of operations

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