Daily Management—Through a thorough Daily Management system in each value stream, we put in place—depending on needs—a tiered meeting structure, visual management boards and leadership standard work. Daily Management is the backbone of sustainability and is often where the most significant improvement opportunities are surfaced.

In addition to these quick-hitting changes listed above, we also expect to see, over a longer period, these other changes to occur.

Strategy Creation—As part of strategy creation, we explore market and technology trends that highlight opportunities for growth, and identify customer insights using qualitative and quantitative research. Senior leaders learn to become better strategic thinkers and gain a more systematic process for strategy creation.

Strategic Planning—With the implementation of the Hoshin Planning process for strategic planning, there’s complete alignment of your organization to the future vision.

Systematic Innovation—Another part of the business system framework is creating a scalable and sustainable innovation ecosystem in order to create competitive advantage. The organization learns to address innovation challenges quickly, build a pipeline of innovation opportunities, prioritize ideas, and apply methods and tools for both front-end innovation and back-end design.

Culture Change—Along the way, the organization starts to see a shift in culture. While some change will happen naturally, other changes must be guiding and steered. To effect positive culture change, the Cycle of Accountability and Trust guides us in forming a virtuous cycle.

With all of those changes taken together, you can see how a business system provides a framework for a constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, and a deep understanding of change and motivation. At the end of the day, when you have all of these things in place, a sound business system gives the organizational leaders confidence in their ability to create the future.


System of Performance Excellence
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